JettyCLOUD Javascript

Wed, 06 September 2023, 18:00 (GMT+03:00)
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Artem Shchapov from JettyCloud and Nikita Borgolov from OpenSource will discuss the possibilities of running Rust-written code inside NodeJS, as well as explore the areas of application and capabilities of FFI (Foreign Function Interface). The meetup will be conducted in Russian.


19:00 — 19:40 How to make Rust and NodeJS work together

The presentation will provide a general overview of approaches to running Rust-written code inside NodeJS. Artem will also share his personal experience in integrating two microservices and the challenges encountered during development, as well as the ways they were resolved. The presentation will be beneficial for those looking to enhance performance in a NodeJS project, as well as those contemplating the integration of two languages in a project. The talk will also be suitable for individuals interested in unconventional technological solutions.

19:40 — 20:20 FFI between Rust and JS

Nikita will talk about FFI (Foreign Function Interface) and, using a real-world case, demonstrate its applications and the possibilities it unlocks. The speaker will share insights into how to link two different languages and maximize the benefits of such integration. The presentation will be of interest to any developer as the topics covered are applicable to virtually any programming language. Nikita will also share some specific features of the Rust language as a tool for accomplishing the aforementioned tasks.